Wi-Fi performance issues or something else?

I've been having some issues with networking from the start, not sure it they're related, but I figured I'd ask the community. It's about my wi-fi connection, as a little background, I have a Buffalo Airstation N300 (WZR-HP-G300NH) router, a Comcast Blast Internet with about 70 Mbps Down and 20 up. I use an Alienware laptop, Sony BR player and Apple TV in the same room as XBOX One, all connected to the same network with no performance issues at all, beautiful HD video streaming and speeds at over 50 down and 11 up. XBOX One on the other hand, seems to have some performance issues:

1. Hulu Plus skips forward, appears to be a widespread issue, probably not an XBOX issue...

2. Netflix only streams in low quality, makes no sense.

3. Google Music in browser skips forward, from about half a song to the end.

4. Sometimes XBOX disconnects and I have to reconnect with entering the password again.

I only play Battlefield online and have no issues with that (how weird is that), connection is smooth and not a single crash. XBOX network downloads show ~33 Mbps down and 9 up, 97% signal, based on that, it makes no sense to me to have any media streaming issues.

So I'm using Apple TV plugged into the XBOX as TV, that works fine.

Any ideas?




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Hulu and Netflix are having issues it's in the support forums. I get a jitter at times on Netflix and Hulu. Most likely the app company needs to come with an update.