Why XboxOne takes forever to install? Is it normal?

my xbox one takes approximately 3 to 4 days to download/install a game demo. Is this normal or is it that my x1 is defective? Please help!!!! And also today it all in a sudden it doesn't hear my voice command any more. When I say "Xbox" it doesn't show those green letter so could some one help please?


1) Why does it take so long to install a game demo. (3 to 4 days approximately)

2) Why doesn't it recognize/hear my command anymore? What do I do to get it hear me again?


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If you're installing games from a disc it shouldn't take anywhere near that amount of time. If you are downloading games from the online store, that depends on your internet speed and/or network configuration.

Not sure what to tell you about it not recognizing your voice, other than to reboot the system by unplugging it from the power outlet and wait about 30 secs and then plug it back and power it back on.

thanks Soaked1nBleach! followed your advice, unplugged the power outlet 30s plug it back and power on. Now it works fine recognizing my voice perfectly. Thanks.  About installing demo from the online store. From reading your reply I guess it's probably my internet speed.  

Question, could I configure my internet speed to go faster from my X1 or do I have to call the cable company for that?

If you're internet speed is the issue, then you would need to contact your internet provider to see about increasing your speed.

dont forget you can also do downloads installs while in standby - so this saves time