Why Xbox is so amazing to me.

So, it's a lazy weekend and after playing my xbox half the day it got me thinking, "this is why xbox is so amazing". Let me go through a few hours of what I did today:

1.  Started playing Borderlands again. (which is one of my downloaded games)

2. Turned on Zune music while I was cleaning up a little bit

3. Started playing Oblivion. (which is the disk in the drive)

4. Checked out the new ESPN integration and actually started watching some darts.

5. Watched some Netflix shows

6. Started playing Oblivion again.

7. Back to listening to music, while I get dinner ready.

8. Now I'm about to watch a movie on netflix.

This is why the xbox is amazing to me. One box that has been on the majority of the day and I have so many different ways to waste my time.


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I love my Xbox.

Oblivion is definitely one of the best games ever. I love that game. Today, my day has consisted of Xbox 360, Playstation 2, and a Star Wars marathon on Spike HD. :D