Why Xbox is failing in Japan and how it can be fixed.

I recently read an article that said that Japan Xbox has been having very poor sales in both consoles and games and I would like to talk about what Microsoft is doing bad and what its doing great.

First the good, Xbox Japan is still increasing their efforts to sell their consoles and keep working despite poor sales. Microsoft also stated that they would like to focus more on Asia which is good for western gamers in the country.

Now the bad, Xbox Japan's good traits are also its problem, increasing the effort to sell their consoles in Sony's and Nintendo's homeland wastes funding in areas where western gaming is not very appreciated.  

How can Xbox Japan increase their sales? The reason why Xbox Japan is failing is because the western titles offered through xbox live are not targeted at Asian culture which is a huge marketplace home to the Playstation and Playstation Vita who keep selling japanese titles such as Jstars + and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. These are just examples but comparing the Xbox's and Playstation's exclusive titles I can see why Sony is winning the war in Asia. 

So its time for the harsh words, xbox I love you but you have to contact Japanese developers and increase your market to the audience, I love your western games (North American here) but I would also like to see more Japanese style indie or AAA games in the marketplace. I beg of you, the xbox one is my favorite console and I want it to become better and for all people around the world to enjoy it as much as I do.


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For everyone around the world to enjoy X1. Only one thing needs to happen.

America must change its stripes by keeping it's promises.

You can't sell American products (even if manufactured in other countries) in Japan when America's leaders talks tough on following through with it's post WW2 promises, while in reality seeking to appease countries like China, and Iran.

Japanese, and for good reason.  Are worried more about what China is doing rather than entertainment tech such as Xbox.

Some may say. 'That's just your opinion.' But take a good look at world condictions and you'll see it's much, much more than just an opinion. And the TPP, no matter how many countries signs onto it isn't going to help things one bit!

Xbox has never done well in Japan for one reason.  Japan supports Japanese products.  They have a very strict culture.  The Japanese are oppressed, and are borderline shamed for not supporting their own country and its products.  How many American or European cars do you see in Japan?  Close to 0.  

I have read articles where a few well known Japanese Gaming Shops have removed Xbox from their shelves!  Can you imagine if an American shop removed S*ny's game machine from shelves so they couldn't be sold?  That would be absolute world breaking news.

I honestly don't know if anything can be done to help.  Even signing on a well known Japanese Gaming studio or making exclusive deals is not easy and would not do a lot.  Lost Odyssey was a fantastic game.  But it didn't move consoles.  Shenmue 2 didn't help a lot.  

In my opinion if you want to penetrate the Japanese market you must penetrate their culture.  And that is not an easy task.

Yeah...I have friend who has lived there since 93 and he has told me that as well.  Japanese are extremely brand crazy...if it ain't from Japan they won't buy it.  

Pretty good post, compared to PlayStation & even Nintendo, Xbox was always a failure in Japan. Since Xbox is an American thing, the Japanese will probably never buy the Xbox One unless it has a good amount of Japanese games. Japanese gamers are not really into Shooters & Western RPGs that much, it's a fact.

I doubt Xbox could sell in Japan anyways. Even with a big Japanese developer on board, I don't see them doing well in Japan. It might push a few sales here and there, but it probably wont be much of a dent in sales.

Oh yeah another thing, Japanese people will mostly likely only buy products from Japan, if it's not from Japan (such as Xbox), then they won't buy it.