Hello fello gamers! my gamertag is hrge! for some odd reason, i was banned until 12/31/9999(2 weeks ago) for my gamertag and harrassment! so i decided lets talk to support! i talked to a lady named erica who told me that it was a silly ban and if the power was in her hands i wouldnt be banned! NOT TO MENTION i am a 6 YEAR GOLD MEMBER and constant green rep!!! filed a review, still no answer.... SO i said OK customer support AGAIN, which i asked the guy if i could see some evidence or proof of what i did! his response was "we dont have any"(i have both chats screenshoted)  and worst of all, missed double XP on call of duty! i just REALLY dont want my account to go down the drain! i talk smack but nothing to terribly dirty BUT WHO DOESNT! | As for my gamertag ban, thats just silly... my names Hrge...


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No good posting here.The enforcement team don't read the forums.

Customer support are nothing what so ever to do with xbox live enforcement.

Doesn't matter how long you've been an xbox live gold member,it doesn't make you exempt from the rules.

You've filed for a case review so you will have to wait until you hear from the enforcement team.

Daft Badger why is instead of helping people in these forums all I see you doing is trying to stick up for Xbox Live? The rules apparently do not apply to everyone ( Ex. Big Youtubers ).  Xbox support is atrocious. They are slow to respond, hard to reach, limited in their ability to help, and not to mention that if you do get to talk to someone they  are hard to understand. I could go on with all of Xbox'x continued problems but I won't. In the meantime why don't you try and be an actual help Daft Badger instead of a annoying hindrance.

Please point out the part of my post that is not helpful.

If you bothered to read my post you'd see that xbox support are NOTHING to do with enforcement so can't help.

The rules do apply to everyone.

Maybe you should stop following me around the forums & making comments on something you clearly know nothing about.

Hey Daft badger I keep seeing that you all ways comment on anything that has to do with being ban and all you do is keep  defending the enforcement team and the  code of conduct your not helping one bit of your just going to play o one side of the team don't act like your trying to help the other I would even go far and saying is you ether work for  Microsoft and some way or you work on the enforcement so stop comment  

Feel free to point out the parts of my posts that are not helpful.

I comment a lot on the "ban" threads as the forums are the wrong place to enquire about them so I tell people the right way.

I also point out the  parts of the CoC/ToU that people have violated in order to get suspended/banned if they don't know.

I do not work for Microsoft nor the enforcement team but it is something I know quite a lot about after being an ambassador for over 4 years & I will carry on commenting on whatever threads I want to.

If you don't like my posts then stop reading them.

Hey guys, the only place to contact the enforcement team is via the case review on enforcement.xbox.com.

If you have further questions, feel free to PM me.

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