Why won't my 360 read older games?

I reads Halo 3, Gears 3, Ninja Gaiden just fine but I can't play Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Forza 2 or Fable OR Fable The lost chapters. Is it because it's downloadable in the store? I'm not allowed to actually own Fable 1 even though I supported it when it was first released? I don't understand, I've tried three different discs of the same game but It won't work and my 360 only reads the most popular games.

It seems as if I am being punished for being the one of the first to support Microsoft. I sold my Gamecube in 2001 to buy Halo and and Xbox but this service is terrible. I hope this is a bug because if it's some huge conspiracy to advertise the newest games through my online status, that is just ridiculous.

I would really appreciate it if Microsoft would allow me to use the product I paid them for.


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It's nothing to do with your Xbox 360 console having to be repaired mate... It's to do, with the way the Xbox Original games are programmed &/or FAT Architecture & the new 360 is slightly different, in the way it reads or processes games now..

The games on the Compatibility List are the only ones capable of being processed by the 360's CPU / GPU & they have the feature to be stored to a HDD..

Any games that are not programmed, to allow it to be stored & processed off a HDD won't work etc..

I can see why you got nowhere with Xbox Technical Support... Were you this vulgar on the phone..??

All of the games listed are playable on the 360, though the original XBOX games do require an official HDD. What's the exact error you're receiving?

Enslaved, Skyrim, Max Payne 3, L.A noire, MW3.

There have been more, but they are the ones I can remember from the top of my head.

[quote user="Lacrimor"]Well I'm only trying to use Fable, and it's on that list. I'm not receiving an error, it's just claiming to not be able to read the disc.[/quote]That's a sign the optical drive is going. You can try the Disc Drive Solution guide, but I wouldn't expect much.[quote]I just think it's very, very odd. that Gears of War 3 loads fine but then Forza Motorsport 2 won't and neither will Fable.[/quote]While they're physically older discs, DVDs don't typically fall apart all that fast.[quote]It's very frustrating to read about how many people have issues like this[/quote]The optical drive not fairing so well is pretty common if you don't install games to HDD.[quote]and Micro$oft never does anything.[/quote]They did, they enabled install to HDD years ago. Unfortunately, you'd need a bigger HDD to do that for more than one or two games.

As you appear to be having problems with both 360 and original XBOX titles, it sounds like your optical drive is going. If the Disc Drive Solution guide doesn't help, the best I can suggest is prepare to buy another console.

Are you sure it's not a problem with the discs? Have you checked that the games are clean and scratch free???

Okay well I guess I should see about getting my 360 fixed. It's just so odd that only older 360 games don't work and original Xbox games dont work at all. However I have to open and close the disc tray a lot with all of my games now, not just the older ones... But I'll try calling and hoping I get some nice lady too.

If not i'll have ti get it fixed locally. Maybe i'm just spoiled by my dad's PS3 not having any problems and my original Xbox not having any problems, that and I own both Fable and Fable The Lost Chapters, neither of them work, and my brother bought Forza 2, and that doesn't work. Also, Splinter Double Agent and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 don't work either. But yeah my 360's old so thanks for the help anyway.

Oh and you're right about my hard drive it is 13.9 GB. That's sneaky, it should be 26 GB so that I actually have 19.9 GB to use.

It seems like more of an internal issue than an issue with the discs. Are there any deep scratches on the disc, by chance? I had an older version of the 360 Elite and sometimes it would read games and some times it would prompt me with "Open Tray". I contacted support and they were very helpful. The lady was able to take it in for repairs at no charge despite my warranty being expired. I know that the consoles crap out sometimes but at least the problems are taken care of in the most efficient and easy way for the consumer. Since I got my Elite Slim, I have had NO problems whatsoever. Contact Customer Support and explain the situation, they may be able to do something for you. And if not, it never hurts to upgrade to the new Slim.

Well for one, it's hard to get NES cartridges to fit in the CD slider.

It could be your Optical Drives Tray not sitting in the right postion & the laser is having problems reading the data off the disc... The discs, have to spin at the right angle, for it to reflect the laser back in the right position etc.. New game discs, can reflect in a different way too..

Have a look at the chrome facia piece, on the end of the tray & see if it is damaged or on the wrong angle ( It can be quite loose sometimes) ..  

It can raise the tray & disc up, if that piece is in the wrong postion & games will not read and you have to open, then close the tray, to get games to work sometimes.. It will also make a loud clunk when closing too..

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