why where is no handgun/rifle controllers?

I waited for new xbox hoping they introduce variety of controllers.. I still don't get it. Why where are no controllers like a laser.IR guns or say driving wheels with pedals?  If people willing to pay money for more quality time why Microsoft is not bothered. 

And please don't tell me I should use kinnect for it.. I am not going to wave my hands shouting pow pow like a retarded baby playing cowboys..

I want a proper gun.. what's so hard to understand? 


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Handguns, rifles etc. sort of went out of fashion, but there is Cabela's Big Game Hunter which came with a gun. There's also a variety of wheels and pedals, from the offical gear to the far more expensive stuff like the Fanatec Porsche wheel.

Lightguns don't work properly with modern TVs, they need a reflective screen.

You'd have to have one that used Kinect to sense where it was aiming, like PS3 does with MOVE based guns.

you have to do it with your hands while using kinect.

Using the word retarded isn't very clever is it.

[quote user="GUINEAPIGMONSTR"] I am not going to wave my hands shouting pow pow like a retarded baby playing cowboys..[/quote]   But you will point a plastic gun at the screen and pretend to be a bad boy!   Make sure you wear a hat for added realism!   LOL!

Move to America if you want a proper gun?


If you want a plastic one for the 360 the Cabela's Light Gun is your best option.

There's the "Saints Row IV: Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition" for super dangerous guys like yourself.


It comes with complete with a 12" Dubstep Gun Replica with Laser and Sound.