Why So Slow? Anything I can do?

The title says it all. I have noticed these forums are increadibly slow. Is there anything I can do? I work with IE and Firefox. I dont have these issues on any other forum, or when browsing the internet on both browsers. Is there something I need to do in terms of my settings for this forum? I never had this problem before.  I signed in quite quickly today, but it then took almost 2mins to load the page after clicking on forums.  its been an issue for me, for four or five days now, again, only on here. If it turns out to be the forums themselves, no wonder they are becoming quiet. 


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The forums dont feel like a forum. Going on the UK forums feels like an eternity away from the rest of the site. It's awful.

They need a new hamster; the current one is worn out...

They'll get fixed eventually, they're clearly still unfinished.


What the "community" will be like after that is anyone's guess though.

Interesting. I do agree that the forum has gone downhill. If I posted in a morning then cam back late afternoon, or missed a day, there would be loads and loads of posts for me to read through in the threads I was interested in. Now, there are just one or two, with the odd new thread. Surely MS can see that these are slowly dieing? I hope that something is done before everyone abandons for something different.

It was slow 10 mins ago, but has improved now as far as I can tell.

these forums have really gone down hill and the mods are conspicuous by there absence, we are getting given no information on what is happening, its almost like they want this once great community to die, looks to me like thats whats happening......

cya later....... those ppl who are still here..

Ok. Ive added xbox.com to my compatability view settings and it has speeded things up for me. I dont get it though. These are the new forums, so why would I need to do that? Anyway, seems about three times faster for me now, albeit still slow.

It's not you mate. It's definately the forums as it's very slow for me too. (I've tried it on my laptop and PC)