Why? Please give me another chance

I am using my brothers old account to contact you. I called support twice and they said to come here. The account that has been suspended permanently was *** Slingeerrr and I never got a warning that I'd be banned for the name. I am begging you to drop the ban and let me change my gamer tag. I have to much downloadable content on there. I have the call of duty season pass and for Gears of war 3 my rank and all those medals and ranks I have. Please give me a way to contact your team that did this harsh ban over a stupid gamer tag I chose. Please respond back and please take off the ban. I know it's possible and I know you guys get these complaints. Have a heart.

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your  in the wrong section mate go here.


Unfortunatly for you, Microsoft doesnt generally lift bans. While i agree with bans, I don't 100% agree with them keeping content you paid money for but that's the way it works and is right there in their terms of use.