why no xbox 360 bf3 footage dice? can't seem to find any .!!!!!

where is the gameplay e.a /dice, both pc and ps3 gameplay footage have been out for a while now c'mon !!!!!!!!

is there any folks?????..........thanks


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There isnt any, EA and Sony have a little something something going on so most likely wont be any till the 'beta'

Cos it's a secret! lol

makes you wonder doesn't it?

maybe it's way better than the ps3 version

Its all down to the deal the EA have with Sony where the PS3 versions of EA games usually get a little somthing extra with it.


I did also hear a few months back that there was a deal with EA and Sony to only show PS3 footage in trailers etc but I have no idea if thats true or not.

Soon enough time child.