Why no free games?

Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world and they can't throw a dog a bone every once and awhile?   I have been poring over the market place for days trying to find something good to play and I haven't found [Mod edit] other than some cool demos, but thats about it.  Anyone know anything worth a damn to download?


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Is Happy Wars any good?

[quote user="x24hrs2livex"]

Is Happy Wars any good?


Happy wars is actually pretty fun. And can be somewhat addictive as well.

Could always download it and try it for yourself, after all it is "Free."

There is also Dash Of Destruction.

[quote user="Mash1997"]There is also Dash Of Destruction.[/quote]No there isn't.

Dash of Destruction has been delisted and is no longer available for download on the Marketplace.

You can only download it now if you'd gotten it previously.