Why isn't Microsoft giving away free stuff?

Why isn't Microsoft giving free stuff away to people who pay online subscriptions?

Sony gives away 2 free premium games each month with there already being like 6-8 free games since the launch. Games like outlast, resogun, don't starve, war frame, contrast, zen pinball, zen pinball 2, dcuo, backlight retribution etc. All those have been free

Meanwhile, when Xbox 360 first came out, Gears of War developer Epic Games wanted to give away free dlc to customers as thanks to its fan base, but MS wouldn't allow it because it would cause customers to get used to getting things for free. Don't believe me? Look it up.

So whats the deal MS. Why aren't you giving away any free stuff with the Xbox one considering it costs $100 more than PS4 and has lower quality hardware in it?


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Because they already did. These winners found out they secretly won something Nov 6thish

Too bad more than half of the games you listed are free to play games, not part of the PS Plus free games.

Plus, it's only one a month. Contrast was only free right away in November because they didn't have a game for December.

There is no such thing as "free".....

Because they invest it into live servers and infrastructure. 360 is giving away 2 a month to keep even if you go back to silver you keep them.

+1 MS 0 Ps4

Sony is in a very bad place company wide. PS+ is a great value for gamers, but not so much for Sony's bottom line. With the acquisition of Gaikai for the new PS Now service being rolled out combined with the mandatory Plus subscription to play online with the PS4, I'm not sure if the "free" games won't be phased out on the PS4. Sony hasn't exactly been tripping on themselves to get the free content out on the PS4. Some say it is mainly due to the newness of the console, I'm thinking they probably were not surprised when the system launched and had time to get something prepared, especially since they were making it mandatory.