Why is this the default Help/Support site for Zune?

I have a Windows Phone 7 and I'm having problems with Zune. Unfortunately, I'm forced to use Zune instead of iTunes which runs on my PC. 

So, I search for answers and support online and I'm directed to this XBox website. What the ***?

I look for a Zune forum but there isn't any...because this is a website about gaming, not about solving problems unsubscribing from a podcast on with Zune software. How could anyone except a "community response" when this is a community for XBox, not for Zune installed on a Windows phone?

So, since I can't expect any help with troubleshooting problems with Zune from Microsoft and I can't use a different music/photo/video service on my phone, I guess I'm stuck with this until I change my phone. Good to know when considering which phone to purchase next time. 

I don't post on tech forums very often because most of the questions and pleas for help go unanswered but my frustration is so great, I had to air it somewhere.


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I am not sure if you have found a solution to the problem you are having, since this post was made a while ago but if not I will try to be of assistance.

Not sure if you have checked out this link but I did see a few Zune related forums under it and I hope they are what you are looking for.


I tried applying filters to narrow the search from what you described. You can change those on the left side of the screen through the drop down menus. The filters currently applied are for a Windows 7 Phone, and Music + Video. I'm sure you can narrow down the search further by applying the Phone Model filter through the drop down menu.