Why is this entire console gimped because of the Kinect?

I have had my Xbox One since day one because I love the whole platform. Xbox controllers are the whole reason why I got into console gaming, but that's not really what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was how this entire console is gimped and requires the Kinect for things that it really shouldn't. First off, the only thing that the Kinect does that I find any value in is handling voice commands. Yes, it is horrible at it, often recognizing random things I said as commands that sound NOTHING like what I said, and I could live without it, which is not a good thing for the console. That being said, I have had my Kinect camera covered with a sheet of paper since the day I got it and have only used the camera a few times, mostly to try Skype, which I no longer use. Because my camera is blocked, many actions are incredibly stupid. For instance, even though I am the ONLY person who uses my Xbox One, I have to manually sign in every time... why, oh why did they do this? This is a clear gimp to force people to use facial recognition software that couldn't tell the different between my friends who have about a 100lb weight disparity. It even recognized my friends dog as a person and worse yet, signed someone in randomly because it thought it saw someone. The other thing that is a clear gimp is that my headset does not work until I "choose this person" from the home screen. I mean the damn headset is plugged into my controller, isn't that enough. I'm sorry for turning this into my own little rant, however I think these are some serious issues that shouldn't have been addressed before the console was even released. The Xbox 360 always had these features since 2005, and the Xbox One just seemed to leave them out because MS saw an opportunity to force the Kinect on people. Love the console, hate the Kinect.


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Sorry you feel that way.  My Kinect is currently dead, and I honestly miss it and all the little conveniences it provides...

OK, so you think that the kinect and having to manually sign in are "serious" issues? Calm down man!

For a start, if you dont like the kinect, disconnect it, you dont need to have it connected. Secondly, i find the voice recognition very effective, and i have a very broad Scottish accent.

As far as the manual sign in thing, i agree, it is slightly annoying at times, but its something that will get fixed very soon. Microsoft have released 2 major updates already fixing a lot of problems that the games have addressed. They are very quick to try and rectify these things, so given time, this will be fixed too.

At the end of the day mate, its there for gaming and the choice of games we have been given so early after release is phenomenal! Its a bit ridiculous looking for silly wee things to complain about when on the bigger picture its an amazing bit of kit!

It's a serious issue for me when I encounter it every time I want to play a game... I would like it to be fixed, and I know they might, but then again, they also might not, which is why I'm raising the issue. I speak very clear English with no accent and I often find myself repeating commands multiple times (probably a third of all commands). There are also a lot of commands that should be there ("syntactic sugar" commands) that just aren't.

My main issue, which I don't think you understood, is that I feel like this console is gimped to force people to use the Kinect, which many don't want. The sign in issue could be fixed with a single, maybe a few, lines of code, but that would take months for them to release. Other things like the controller-headset issue are probably build directly into the platform, so I cannot be sure how easy they are to fix since a controller is no longer tied to a player number (i.e. player 1 can use controller 1 or 2 at any time).

The kinect tracks the controller and who is using it, which is why you need to be signed in for the headset t work. (I think)

Whine, whine, whine. " I cant use something properly, even though its so easy. I must tell the world that this is wrong"

English isnt my language and i havent had trouble one time yet with the voice commands.

And seeing a future where the kinect stops being a jump and wave toy, but something cool, i appreciate it. There are some great possibilities that could come if developers use it right.

You have failed to demonstrate that the XBox ONE console is "gimped" for Kinect.

If anything you have empirically demonstrated that you do not know what you are talking about.

I've been Kinectless on my X1 since Feb 24.....  no gimping here.... absolutely zero difference in game play, other than saying "Xbox volume up"....  and nothing happens.....   my replacement Kinect is close.....  only 20 mins away at the Purolator center......  

Hope you posting something in the feedback forms, cause I doubt anyone with decision making power will look here.

I don't feel the console is gimped at all, I find the Kinect 2 to be much better than the first, and the deeper integration with the UI really makes everything easier, for me anyways.

Its not gimped at all and if you calibrate your Kinect properly and you know what to say and when to say it, voice commands work great.  Continually amaze me just how good they work.

With TV..... so many of the station call letters are so similar.... CBS, TBS, PBS, ect, you would think it would be hard to get it right.... but it does it right, if you get it right.

Gimped? I didnt know it hobbles around.

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