Why is the headset adapter so expensive?

Its a very small part of a headset, but its £20? you can get a full headset for the 360 for that.

I don't buy £150+ headsets, so its a little disappointed at the price.


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And no Bluetooth adapter released.  Yes its too expensive for a tangled mess.  No power pass through made using Bluetooth dongles impossible also.  

does anyone still think this chat thing is an upgrade from 369?

I just saw that, it's pretty expensive, probably because it's not available anywhere else, I would not pay that.

The adapter is for those of us who do buy expensive headsets and don't want to buy a One specific headset. 20 bucks for an adapter is a deal if I don't have to buy another headset for 150-200.

If you use cheap headsets you don't need the adapter.

because microsoft thought it would make more profit if the xbox one controller had a square socket rather than a normal headphone jack,, bang>profit

Where is the magic.  All this rubbish for STEREO WIRED.  Who needs the volume controls on that adapter anyways as all the headsets have volume already.  

I would pay for an Xbox one controller w Bluetooth built in though.  Additional controllers are great

Does it not get updated when you update the controller, meaning it would have some hardware inside it not just a rewire.

The adapter is simply to allow us to use headsets that don't have MS's proprietary connection, doesn't bring anything else to the table.

I agree its a money grab but without it the alternative is a new headset with the MS connection.

Update is to accommodate the silly adapter.   the people who wanted the adapter were those with 2-3 hundred dollar headsets and most of those are Bluetooth wireless.  I can't imagine anyone needing an adapter to use a 50 roller or less headset.  A new headset would be better option for that

at least they added Dolby through optical so the sound is now amazing and the Kinect can work for chat

Come with an adapter that will convert the sound produced by the XB1 to a stereo pin most headsets used...  you may think it is just a cheap adapter Radio Shack can sell to exchange a 3.5 to a 5mm  but it is not...there is a lot of stuff going on inside that small plastic box....You even need to update your controller for it to work..

It is so expensive because they know people will buy it. There are loads of people out there who spent a lot of money on gaming headsets for last gen. They don't want to go to waste. This will lead them to buying the adapter. I would say that the price to make it is no where near the selling price.

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