Why doesn't Microsoft make a better product?

I understand that nothing in this world is going to be perfect.  Cheap and overpriced things will break and sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly.  But in America today people are struggling more and more due to greedy people that "we" elected to be our voice in this country.  Im a struggling college student that just wants to be able to enjoy the little things in life.  I go to class all day then have to work all night and at the end of the day i want to be able to turn my xbox on and have it work.  To me that is one of the little things I enjoy about life.  I don't have billions of dollars to buy whatever I want and have every luxury available to man.  I appreciate the smaller things in life and realize that someone has always got it worse than I do.  But this shouldn't mean just because someone isn't as "lucky" as I am that when something I worked and earned for breaks on me that I cant be upset and want a reason as to why.  Especially given the price on certain things today you expect your going to get your moneys worth.  Example:  Any xbox that I have ever owned has only ever lasted a year on average, again on average.  I have owned 5 xbox's in total from 2007 and four of them I purchased myself.  First normal white with 20 gb HD lasted the longest at almost 2 years then got the red ring.  When that one crapped out I  got the arcade being that I already had a hard drive and I just needed the console.  That arcade lasted a couple of months then got the red ring so I got my money back.  Yet again another hassle worth hundreds of dollars.  Next I got the elite and I used the money from the arcade to pay for some.  That elite was like a baby to me, my pride and joy but lasted under a year(red ring) but I still had the warranty and got a new one for free which lasted a few months(red ring).  Again hundreds of dollars later microsoft still cant make a better product.  Red rings/disc trays getting stuck/not being able to read discs/hdmi ports not working...etc etc.  So I invest in the new and improved 360 slim.  First one..yea FIRST ONE lasted almost three months before the disc tray stopped working and thankfully I kept the receipt which was good for 3 months.  Which brings me to the next 360 S that just crapped out on me.  I at least got a little over a year with this one before the console could no longer read any disc.  And yes I tried using your support trouble shooter on this problem but nothing worked.  So the question I get all the time is why don't you buy warrantys all the time?  I have and they are only good for one incident then you have to buy another.  So $300 consoler plus $100 warranty= over $400 dollars with taxes.  So the $300 console lasts me a year then I get a "another one" cause you do not always get a brand one and then that one lasts 3 months.  OVER $400 for 15 months?!!!!!!!???! minus the headache and time I wasted.  So in total roughly over $1300 for 5-6 years.  Is that fair? I understand microsoft is all about the money but can they really not give a ****?  I shouldn't have to worry about oh well I hope a have a warranty or hope this one is actually worth the money.  Give me a piece of mind Microsoft.


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So a few things...


Since launch MS has had an extended warranty option available for the 360. It's currently $49.90 to add two extra years of warranty to the console. It can ber ordered by calling Support. It covers the whole console, including any HDD that came with the console itself as part of the package (not accessory drives, though).


All original consoles are covered under a Microsoft-provided RRoD/E74 warranty for three years. You should never have paid for warranty service on any of your RRoD'ed consoles.


As of the NXE update in November, 2008, the console has supported the ability to install games to HDD. Always, always, always install your games to HDD. Optical drives aren't designed to handle the stress of spining at 12x for hours a day, day in and day out. Game Installs are the workaround for that issue.


if you want to be a 360 gamer, it's best to have two consoles, both with decent sized HDDs (60GB or larger). Always install your games, alternate play between consoles, and keep your profile and game saves on a decent USB flash drive.

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