why does Microsoft keep stressing .....

That they are still very convinced of a all digital ecosystem and that they're initial vision holds true?


I think digital is a great option for those that want it but you'd think with all the flack MS has taken over it that they would give it a rest for a few months.


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We already buy full games ( arcades) all digital.

I see no big difference.

As long as I get my pre order bonus with the digital I see no issue.

Sure take down the price we would spend for the plastic box and disc and I am fine with the price.

Just think of how much money publishers can save when the disc is gone.

Prices will go down anyway.

Right now it´s more about integrating it.

WIth the Arcade games Xbox already went in the right direction.

Why stopping now?

I want no more discs.

Retailers could still sell the codes for those games. 

They already do that with arcade games or add ons. 

They would still make money but it would be more realistic. 

They would get less money but the devs would get more. 

Which means more money for coolers games for me. 

No rushing with a half team since they can´t afford enough artists. 

I want the games I like to grow and get more options. 

I want the devs to experiment with ideas, throw around new ways to game.

I don´t want the same over and over.

Then better be able to have some downs but be able to learn and make a awesome game after it.

Gamers always change, so should the devs and with digital they can.  

Because that IS their vision. They see a digital future for gaming and very few disagree with that. MS has taken heat for being behind the power curve on phones, tablets, and some other things. Here is a spot they feel they can push ahead. There is no way they are going to spring those requirements and rules on people overnight, it would be corporate suicide. But I do believe you will see a gradual and voluntary move back towards some of them.

Vader - Last of US / Uncharted 3 are both over 35gb in file size. SO how is WOW bugger than any game you can get currently on a console. Even GTA5 is 17GB, FF13 was just under 22GB. I will now state in Fact current game sizes


007 Quantum Of Solace (PAL UK) = 6.7 GB (7,165,394,944 bytes)

Assasin's Creed = 7.87 GB (8.458.469.376)

Blazing Angels = 4.15 GB

Burnout Paradise (PAL) = 3.14 GB (3,378,511,872 bytes)

Call Of Duty 3 = 6.7 GB (7,154,827,264 bytes)

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (PAL UK) = 7.8 GB (8,411,348,992 bytes)

Call Of Duty 5 World At War (PAL UK) = 11.3 GB (12,109,611,008 bytes)

Colin McRae Rally Dirt (PAL) = 6.82 GB (7,319,650,304 bytes)

Def Jam: Icon (US) = 7.45 GB (7.999.586.304 bytes)

Der Goldene Kompass = 7.76 GB

Dragonball Z Burst Limit (PAL) = 3.41 GB

F1 = 11.5 GB (12,427,132,928 bytes)

F.E.A.R. = 3.7 GB (3,954,180,096 bytes)

Fifa Street 3 = 2.63 GB (2.835.152.896)

Fight Night: Round 3 = 4.28 GB (4,605,018,112 bytes)

Folklore = 14.76 GB

Formula One = 8.90 GB (9,563,602,944 bytes)

Full Auto 2: Battlelines = 3.55 GB (3,812,687,872 bytes)

Genji (US) = 12.2 GB (13,103,923,200 bytes)

Genji (PAL) = 12.6 GB (13,626,834,944 bytes)

Grand Theft Auto IV (US) = 10.5 GB (11,287,068,672 bytes)

Grand Theft Auto IV PAL UK = 10.5 GB (11,287,068,672)

Gran Turismo 5 PAL 5.95 GB (6,389,521,621 bytes)

Guitar Hero III = 5.9 GB (6,318,391,296 bytes)

Haze (PAL) = 8.86 GB (9,514,254,336 bytes)

Heavenly Sword = 18.86 GB

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men = 9.70 GB

Lair = 23 GB

Lost Planet - Extreme Condition = 8.14 GB

Madden NFL 07 = 7.08 GB (7,597,719,552 bytes)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance = 6.85 GB (7,356,874,752 bytes)

Major League Baseball 2K7 = 6.04 GB (6,485,639,168 bytes)

Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire = 3.96 GB (4,247,295,445 bytes)

Motor Storm (US) = 14.48 GB (15,548,022,784 bytes)

Motor Storm (PAL) = 14.6 GB (15,749,582,584 bytes)

Motor Storm (JAP) = 11.9 GB (12,793,610,240 bytes)

NBA 07 = 5.06 GB (5,439,684,608 bytes)

NBA 2K7 = 7.59 GB (8,153,399,296 bytes)

Need For Speed Carbon = 11.5 GB (12,431,458,304 bytes)

Need for Speed: ProStreet (US) = 5.74 GB (6,169,559,040 bytes)

NHL 2K7 = 8.4 GB (8,443,592,704 bytes)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma = 11.5 GB (12,308,709,376 bytes)

Oblivion = 4.9 GB (5,258,674,176 bytes)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End = 5.3 GB (5692129280 bytes)

Rainbow 6: Vegas = 9.8 GB (10,509,484,032 bytes)

Resistance: Fall Of Man = 17.53 GB (18,827,837,440 bytes)

Resistance 2 (PAL UK) = 22.0 GB (23,598,333,952 bytes)

Ridge Racer 7 = 6.95 GB (7,471,366,144 bytes)

Ridge Racer (JAP) = 6.95 GB (7,471,366,144 bytes)

Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution (PAL UK) = 5.2 GB (5,548,343,206)

Sonic The Hedgehog = 7.9 GB (8,521,499,472 bytes)

Spiderman 3 = 6.03 GB (6,472,073,216 bytes)

The Darkness = 17.6 GB (18,880,004,096 bytes)

The Orange Box = 16.8 GB (18.072.862.720)

Tiger Woods 2007 = 7.19 GB (7,365,525,504 bytes)

Tony Hawk Project 8 = 5.10 GB (5,489,950,720 bytes)

Uncharted: Drakes Schicksal = 21.08 GB

Unreal Tournament III 3.43 GB (3,677,732,677 bytes)

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom = 8.27 GB (8,880,652,288 bytes)

Virtua Fighter 5 = 4.30 GB (4,289,855,488 bytes)


Newer games are far bigger. GTA 5 is almost 17gb installed on an xbox hd. And most 2 disc games are this way. 3 disc being more, 4 disc even more.


These above are PS3 file sizes, and as such represent their Blu-ray equivalent. As there is no technical reason why file sizes should be capped on the ps3 because a blu-ray disc holds 50gb of data. Now that Microsoft have followed suit, and have blu-ray for discs, the publishers are under no obligation to keep game sizes down, in fact it has opened up a lot more scope for them. So 30 - 45gb games are going to be the norm soon. unless they do something to drastically cut down the FMV/CGI scenes on games


File sizes on the xbox 360 were kept to a minimum, because they only had the data capacity of a DL DVD, so you ended up seeing multiple disc games. As you can see even old games like heavenly sword were in the 18gb range.


The larger size games are this way mainly because of the CGI/FMV videos that form part of the game, or the main storyline of a game. This has also been rendered in 2d and 3d so takes up twice as much space.


Even Blue dragon on the Xbox 360 all those years ago was 4 discs at 8gb each which is 32gb (but hey, the 4th disc probably only contained 2gb compressed) so i'll remove 6gb from that equation. And that make 28gb


WOW is a pc game, and as such, PC's have a must faster DL system. Hell they have always had better servers. I did not state about speed of downloads, i said size. On a lot of broadband system worldwide, a lot of ISP's have caps or fair use policies. How do you think that when all these new games come out, and someone wants to go all digital, but wants to buy 5-6 launch games, and only has an ISP download limit. It would not be possible. So disc is the way to go.


And on a side note, Skyrim may be a huge game, but it does not utilise full CGI/FMV videos, it uses mostly programmed code to do cut scenes, this cuts back on a lot of data.

Just makes the casuals worry all the bad policies will come back.

The do it right.

There are a lot of people who want digital.

I wanna know all this :)

Casuals aren't worried about the policies coming back because few of them probably even knew of them in the 1st place. They know an Xbox is coming out before Christmas.

Digital is nowhere near as advanced on closed system consoles, as it is for Music / TV / Films, because of the sizes of games. With games getting ever bigger, DD is not a viable option for a whole heap of people, in fact the majority of people.


So an mp3 is 3-4Meg depending on length, at 128k that's about 1min a Meg, Films, to be noticed, need to be about 4-8GB for a decent HD quality Digital file.


New games are nearer to 40gb in file size, and for a lot of people with bad ISP, that is their cap in one game, Also physical games compared to their digital counterpart still sell more. Please do not let things you hear, say that digital is overtaking physical, Please see a previous thread for links to fact.


When publishers talk about digital vs physical, they include, mobile, DLC, Games on PC, and any other type of micro transaction, But as soon as a new game is released, Physical still soars up and beats digital hands down,


A fully digital world for consoles is still far off yet. Sorry.

Full digital is great as long as games are no more than £35 new. Ever. Until that point digital is a rip-off and won't be taken up fully.

[quote user="Eggnogga"]

Digital is the future, whether you like it or not.  MS' initial policies are also the future.  I think people had an issue with them, because the infrastructure needed for those policies isn't fully in place yet.


While I'll agree that digital is the future, Microsoft's polices are in no way the future.  People didnt like them because they were crap policies.  They are policies that will never work. Plain and simple. 

I know it hurts. But digital is all but determined. It was music, then TV, then Movies. If you can't see it the writings on the wall. It does make a lot more sense than plastic discs floating around. But yeah, there is the question of ownership. Yet when you purchase any software your purchasing a liscence to use it. Well it's comin, and MS or Sony will not stop it. Sorry OP...

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