Why do we pay For Xbox Live?

Why do we pay for Xbox Live?   "Stability" "Security" "Customer care"?  Hmm  I wanna see everyone's thoughts. Is it really worth it?


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Considering how much money is being made from it I guess so.  I don't mind.

We also get games with  Gold and special deals.

To play multiplayer. To play online only games and what Grady said.

You probabaly answered your're own question?

If you look at PS Side. They have loads of problems. Security/ Stability wise. It's free over there. we pay. and don't get or recieve hardly any problems.

[quote user="X W35TWOOD X"]It's free over there. we pay. and don't get or receive hardly any problems.[/quote]

1.  Playstation Plus is a paid service, not free.

2. Both Xbox and Playstation have problems with their service from time to time.  One service is not more stable than the other.

What has Playstation's service got to do with the OP's original question? He simply asked "Why do we play for Xbox Live"

I'm paying for the two games I get for free every month. Before that was implemented, I was paying for multiplayer access, and use of other services (which I may or may not have been already paying for separately; LastFM BBC iPlayer and Netflix for example)

Because Microsoft cares about you unlike Sony, with Xbox Live, you get the best multiplayer experience, the best free games, awesome discounts on certain games every week, and much better security/stable execution than PlayStation Network.