Why do people want a clan thats only for adults

I hate it when people want to join a clan that has only people 18+ and everyone has to be mature and its stupid that people dont want to join my clan because I'm 17 and they think that teenagers are immature and honestly they won't even give me a chance to prove of how mature I am.  I'm a good clan leader and if they have a problem with it well too bad cause I had 82 members but these people on xbox live made 70 of them leave xbox and they went to playstation and now I only have 12 members because of all these immature gamers thinking their better than everyone.


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The reason people join "18+" clans is due to the fact that often people in the 12-17 age range are the most likely to be difficult to get along with adults, for a variety of reasons, when said adults who are in their 20's or older are looking for a certain level of maturity.  In reality, the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which could be considered a neurological function for maturity due to its purpose, is still developing until around the age of 25.  I think I would probably prefer late 20's and older myself.  Why should I have to sit down and get to know every teenager just to give them a chance to "prove" they are mature when, and me in my teens is included in this, many teenagers do not properly understand what maturity entails to see that they do not really fall into that category as much as they think they do.  Development is a life-long process.


Calling people's gaming preferences "stupid" and saying that we "think they are better than everyone" without evidence of this attribution of grandiosity to people who do not want to join your clan does the opposite of argue for your case of being mature IMO.

You'll understand once you've matured.

I don't want to be in a clan...period.  I don't care how old they are.  I play with friends.  We don't need to refer to ourselves as "SuperFlippinSweetMLGPro4Lyfe" to play video games.

We have had young (teenagers) on our squads before. Some work out great, some don't. For the most part we have found that gamers over 25 seem to have the mutual respect for others most team are looking for.

I`m a member of a "clan" if that`s what you want to call it.

Basically a group of oldies who like to game together while chatting and having a laugh. Our group is strictly 25+ although our average age is mid 40`s.

We set the age limit as older people generally tend to have different interests and hobbies than the younger group. Can you seriously think you could chat to an 18 year old about gardening while playing team deathmatch on CoD, lol

that's basically the idea for teams with older members. Get on, round up your friends, and enjoy the laughs and comrodary of the eve. Also, younger gamers/teams always seem to take the competition way too serious. I know the idea of competing is to win but when taking the must win attitude it take allot of the fun out of it. We have always taken the "have fun first and foremost and winning is the bonus". This is not for everyone but has seemed to work for us for over a decade. Still havin fun and lovin it. : D

^ Precisely.  The simple fact of the matter is, there is a degree of younger  gamers having a LOT more time to play games, and develop a much more competitive mentality because of it.  Often the biproduct I see is a bit of snobbishness and an impatient attitude for anyone on their team not on their level (not stereotyping, just saying that when I see this happen, the higher frequency of this seems to be in that age range).  When you get a bit older, develop more responsibilities, and have to be more competitive in the real world, video games begin to seem trivial and more of a recreational activity than "omg serious business" and as such I find older gamers tend to be more laid back and just playing for enjoyment as the opportunity does not come around as much as it does for someone in middle-school/high school and even college students.  When your focus is on just kicking back and having fun, you want to play with people like that, not someone taking it too seriously and stressing you out during an activity that is supposed to serve as a relief from stress.

We are old, we are slow, we are grumpy, we ar........ squirrel!

Tbf, I've met my fair share of idiots that are in their 30's or over. If someone sounds too young I won't give them the time of day and not because they are acting like idiots or being annoying as there are youngsters out there who act civil, but because of my age.  I'm in my late 30's and the last thing I want is some 12 year old child on my friends list. It's the same with conversing with them on forums, i won't do it if it's fairly obvious they're very young.  It's not because I think I'm over them, it's because I wouldn't let my young kids converse with a stranger who's in their 20's, 30's etc, so I won't knowingly interact with other people's kids.