Why do i have all these problems connectiing to live?

my connection used to always be solid. until i got the new xbox slim 250gb. now i have to do loads of stuff and jump through hoops to get anyway.s omeiems ih ave to do manual server thingy creating a new ip and gateway stuff, dns servers, going into the home hub settings to get an open connection, now ive got something about mtu being less thatn 1364 which ive never had before, can anyone help. at wits end.


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Have a looky around Shad0wman's site.


oh stop swearing no one is impressed by swearing on the internet lol phone the tech support of your ISP and explain your having issues using it with your xbox, then phone xbox technical support and see if they can help you from their side,,,....do that instead of this ranting email

actually becoming a f*****g joke and i am really pissed off i thought this new xbox was better. wish i hadnt forked out all theis money for a something that doesnt even connect properly. unlike my old one, which too was wireless/ absolute joke.

now my router isnt properly responding to icmp respones. FS.!