Why Do EA Do This?

Ok, so this isnt a rant on the online pass, nor is it childish to ask. so if anyone is gonna moan about me, just dont. I am talking about the games played with the virtual pro. how do you check? i know there is no way fully. so why put in an achievement like this. they are acting in some respects like god asking you to keep playing untill you get this. i think it is wrong, anyone else?


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Its not really possible in '11; unless you load up FIFA without being connected to the internet; it will show up on the menu screen in the scoreboard how many games you have played; but i think it doesn't count the online games or something silly like that.

yeah i just looked. offline, it shows total games played which does help :(

i wouldnt worry about it cause it will take so long to get it.  so it will just come in time