WHY do avatar-related gamer pics not work correctly for me?

Okay, so basically, whenever I try to use (or create) a gamerpic using my avatar, it never works correctly.

I can see it as being there with the profiles I'm logged in as, but most other people cannot, instead seeing a Grey-like blank portrait of an avatar. If you wish me to post a picture of what it looks like, I will, but now I'll just explain the situation.

I've tried:

1. Recovering my account and then making a new avatar gamerpic.

2. Putting the gamerpic on and letting it sync with the XBL servers long enough.

3. Clearing my cache and then making a new one. I've even created a second account, cleared my cache and viewed my own profile from it and it still shows the default portrait gamerpic.

The problem is that some people can see the avatar gamerpic, and others can't -- including me if I try to look at it from my own Xbox. On Xbox.com and all online-related  gamercard trackers... it shows the correct picture, but over the console it does not.

I've even see people posting on this forum who have the same problem I'm talking about obviously, because they have that same default gamerpic. Any complete solutions to this?

Thanks in advance.


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