Why didnt i play this a long time ago??

Started playing Dead space (I no im late in playing it lol) but i must say what a great game it is....

Ive realised that there is Dead space 2 also......

Its a game i should have started playing a long time ago but now im playing it i gotta say im loving every minute of it!


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It is a good game. i enjoyed it. 2 is good also but not as good as the first in my opinion

2 is great its action packed all the way, the dlc for it was a let down though could of been better.

Dead Space is an awesome game, second one is very good too.

the first dead space made me feel like i was in the aliens movie i loved every second of it

Judging by your games/gamerscore you aint played alot of good games.

I wish I could man-up and play it =[

One of my favourite franchises on the xbox, I have them both, Completed the first and almost completed the second.

Should get 2 aswell its alot harder and has little tiny enemies that your need good accuracy.

i have them both also just started 2 on saaturday

I found dead space 1 better than 2