Why did MS 'Cripple' the One by taking away these features that the 360 had?

The Xbox One is a fine machine.  However, there are a lot of things I used to be able to do with my Xbox 360 that the Xbox One simply CAN'T do!  Why did MS remove these features? 

1. The Xbox One can't access my music collection on my PC!  At least not in the same way.  Instead, I have to get up and walk over to the home office,   pick the music on my PC, “Play-to” my Xbox None, then go back and   sit down in the living room. And I have to do this every time I want to change the playlist or the genre.  LAME!

2. The Xbox One can't share photos from my PC!  I have to first upload my photos to Microsoft’s “SkyDrive”, which is limited to 7gb (my photo collection is well over 100gb) before I can show them on the Xbox One!  WHY!? 

3. The Xbox One can't play music in the 'background' without taking up 25% of the screen real estate!  When you play music, it “snaps” about 25% of the   screen to display essentially nothing other than the artist and the title and   if the music is coming from your PC, it means that 25% of your screen is black   with white letters; both a complete waste and a perfect way to burn-in your   expensive plasma TV.

4. This is the BIG one.  The Xbox One will NOT play Windows Media Center Content.  NONE of it.  And there is no known workaround.  So all those movies & recorded TV you've been streaming from your PC to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media Center?  Forget it!  The Xbox One WON'T do that!  WHY NOT MS!?!?!?!?!?

These are just some of the reasons that, at least currently, I absolutely refuse to purchase an Xbox One.  I'll stick with my 360 thank you. 


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Over 100GB of photo's alone? Thats a huge porn collection! *Bravo*

hola Mr. Monger. :)

Software updates can fix most if not all of these. Keep pressing the issue so we can have more compatibility with our media.

It seems that some people are too lazy to do some research,before making a thread that already got answers....

Perhaps you could point me to that thread, Tzar(?)  Does it address all 4 issues I brought up here?  

This should help you with some of your issues.

Thanks.  Trying to get used to these forums again.  I haven't been here in quite a while.  

Hmmm.  That's an interesting solution, but stil doesn't really answer why MS decided to 'cripple' the Xbox One by removing this functionality.  

I wouldn't claim they "took them away" per say, as much as it was that they simply didn't implement them.

What I mean is, ever single feature I listed above could be done on the Xbox 360.  That's why I consider that MS 'removed' them from the Xbox one.  They're trying to force everyone to use SkyDrive - which carries an extra cost if you want more than 7GB of storage.  

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