Why did I get Madden 25 for free?

I looked on the marketplace yesterday and it gave me the option to install Madden 25 for free. Well I think I might know how.

For christmas, me and my bro both got XB1s. He first logged his account onto my xbox first. I also found out he bought madden 25 for his xbox yesterday.

What I am thinking is that since he logged his account into my xbox first it transfered his game licenses to my xbox so whatever games he gets I can have. Is this true and is it possible for any other stuff like DLCs?


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Dont tell him?

Please do not quote me. But yes you seem to be sharing the game. I believe that is suppose to be how it works. Dlc I think is a no. Someone who knows for sure will probably chime in and educate us😆

Since he logged into your xbox first it is set as his Home Console. So whatever he buys on his console will be playable on your console.

Your Xbox One seems to be his home console. If that is the case you can play any game he buys digitally.

I got Killer Instinct free...shh

Wow I can foresee miss use of that. Lol

seriously though...this is one the GREAT features of the XB1 that you can now have other people play your games without having to have the main profile logged in like on the 360

as long your brother never sets his current Xb to home.. you should be able to DL Install any games he purchases digitally.  

Can both consoles have the game running at the same time??

Yes they can.