Why did I buy this

I've been very busy and have been staying off gaming websites for a while.. so I know nothing about the weakness of the Xbox One compared to PS4.

Well I originally bought a PS4 and when gamestop offered the 50% extra, I was able to do a straight trade for the $399 Xbox One, which I did because some of my buddies have an X1. Well imagine my surprise when I pop in Titanfall and it looks awful and has awful fps drops. Maybe I have faulty hardware? I go on gaming websites and see nothing but hatred towards the Xbox One for being underpowered and having the inferior versions of third party games. AND Titanfall 2 won't be an exclusive? AND Sunset Overdrive is only going to be 720p and 30fps? AND Xbox One has anti-aliasing issues? AND xbox one has more frame rate drops?

Talk about buyers remorse!!!

Supposedly MS is releasing an update to make it 10% more powerful? Be honest, fellow players. Is this really going to help the X1 be on par with the PS4? Or should I take advantage of the 50% trade still ongoing and get a PS4 again? This isn't mean to troll you Xbox fans. I'm just a gamer and I just want the better system. Note that I don't care much for exclusives on either platform.


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Oh boy...

I couldn't even tell how games perform at all, my Blu-ray drive didn't even work out of the box and I've been waiting for a replacement or repair since the beginning of June.  

Chased, like I said I'm not trying to troll as many may think I am. But as I said, I have been out of the loop. I had no idea that the PS4 had the much better hardware. In fact, I thought they were about equal, with Xbox One having the better entertainment features. I had no idea the disparity between them was that bad. I mean Tomb Raider is 60fps on PS4 and only 30fps on the Xbox One? That's a pretty significant performance gap.

Is the update going to fix this? I mean I bought it without kinect, so does that mean I get a performance boost? I have no idea how this all works.

Do you normally not research what you are about to spend $400 on?

The PS3 was more powerful than the 360, but I don't think that hindered that console.  I don't really do much gaming anymore, but thus far I'm enjoying my One.  The only 3rd party non-exclusive games I've bought are FIFA 14 & Watch Dogs, and the only issues I have with either game would be down to the developers themselves for not fixing obvious bugs.

I did research prior to both consoles coming out and what I got was that hardware-wise they should have output equal performance because their specs were similar. Supposedly the PS4 had higher clock speeds, but the Xbox One's DDR3 was better or something like that. But after choosing the PS4 due to the lower price, I stopped doing my research. Therefore, I had no idea that when games started coming out, the PS4 was the better performer.

To be honest with you OP, it sounds like you've done very little research before you switch.

Though with TF the only time I noticed an FPS drop was when 6 titans are shooting the hell out of each other.

SSOD is 900p and 30fps which if you watch the E3 trailer it still looks awesome in my opinion.

TR was also slightly more unstable on the PS4 so the better hardware was put to good use there.

Plus if you that hung up on raw power and performance the might I suggest a good gaming rig to play on.

Just some friendly advice research before you make a jump, it'll save your anger over what I class as something very small

This is really just a general statement, but if you're (or anyone) is that concerned with numbers (resolution/FPS/etc etc) your best bet is to game on a PC.  They will always be superior to a console.

The Xbox One is the better system. That's my opinion. I don't let baiters and trolls online influence that.

You say some of your buddies play on it, how many of them are there? They aren't buddies you could of played on their console to test out things yourself? What did they do to sway you?

I would choose playing the console with friends over a more popular console that no friends are playing on.

Sounds like your xbox one is broke!

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