Why cant Xbox One manage 1080p & AA?

I am not trying to flame the Xbox One, or sound like a Sony Fanboi out to cause trouble as I am not one of those!

I have had a 360 from launch, bought a PS3 and sold it again - Xbox is where my loyalty is but at the moment I feel a bit disillusioned with this "next gen" console

It is a genuine concern of mine that I have discussed with my friends, and would like to know from MS why their new 2013 console cannot run ALL games at 1080p with at least 4x AA?

PC's have been pushing this for years now, and I am not talking about high end machines, as fairly mediocre ones can manage to get these results, so what gives that Xbox One cant?

I am quite disappointed in that, and cant honeslty say it has the same "wow" factor of seeing it in action over the previous generation as the 360 did

Seriously, a modern console launched this year should be able to do this, 1080p isnt even a high resolution where computer graphics are concerned

I am no doubt going to get flamed for not praising the new Xbox, but I cant see how anyone can really truely be happy with sub 1080p & 4x AA from a modern games machine

Dont get me wrong, I do like the Xbox One - hence why I opted for it over PS4 even when the argument was strong for a PS4, I just feel it should have the ability to at least keep up with what a 3 year old PC can do....


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Give it a rest yeah, ruse is 900p yet its the best looking game Iv seen. Forza os 1080p.cod is 1080p on ps4 yet its having trouble it ain't about full HD but how the game performs

But thats the point isnt it?

Why isnt it capable of running 1080p  with AA smoothly?

It really should be able to do that

I TRULY am happy with the Xbox because I TRULY don't care that much about resolution. 1080p is very nice, but is in no way a deal breaker for me. But for possibly the 100th time I have had to say this here goes- The dev kits for Xbox One were behind schedule. The Xbox One can handle 1080p. Forza and FIFA both run 1080p. The power is not in question. 1080p and 60fps will be the norm for Xbox One in the spring, of that I am almost certain.

And Ryse is capable of 1080p. Crytek scaled it back to maximize detail and performance, and it paid off BIG TIME.

[quote user="B1G D3AN0"]Why isnt it capable of running 1080p  with AA smoothly?[/quote]Read some PC video card reviews.[quote]It really should be able to do that[/quote]It shouldn't.

if you want to spemd pc money on  a games console then im sure they would make 1 for you. Its all about cost and what they think console consumers will be happy to pay.

There already grumblings around the web at the xbox being the cost it is with the ps4 not far behind. Stands to reason they included the best they could for the price point.

Thats all I needed to know then. I wanted to ask the question as was shocked to learn that it wasnt able to maintain these at launch, as I had been led to believe (or just assumed) it would.

I wasnt trying to knock it, I just come from a tech background and really felt it should be managing it out the box and wanted to see if anyone knew why, I wasnt trying to secretly have a dig about GDDR5 blah blah blah - I personally think that isnt that a big deal as all the other sites are making out - marginal performance gain at best - just having a 50% increase in bandwidth doesnt mean a 50% performance gain, not even close.... 

The Dev kit info makes sense and I am with you that with time to program for the hardware updates that XO got, then the next raft of games will have it in. Thanks

This 1080p/720p fiasco isn't as bad as people.make out.

The hardware is new and developers haven't had time to get the full potential out of it yet.

Compare it with last gen, no games were 1080p at launch on either console. A lot if games were still running at 30fps.

The 1080p 60fps games will come once developers get better at coding the machine.

Glad I could help. You really should check out Ryse if you haven't already. That's next gen right there.

It's a software thing, not a hardware thing.  Why haven't people figured this out yet?  Game makers have to figure out how to use the hardware.

As nice as it would be for all the games to be at 1080p and 60 fps I think we all need to realize most games are last gen ports and these systems just came out. Lets give it a year or two please.

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