Why cant we get email notifications about Xbox Live Sales & Specials?

I've missed tons of sales because I had no idea they were happening. I dont always have time to browse what random stuff is on sale this week. Microsoft could make a killing off this very, V E R Y simple feature. You already have our email, allow us to sign up for sale alerts and watch the money roll in. Or set it up like steam and allow us to add stuff to a wishlist and get alerts when those are on sale.

But seriously, this is a super basic feature, why has this not been implemented years ago?


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There's already plenty of ways to get information about sales etc

If you check these regularly you'll know of any sales. Also there's a weekly gold deal

Dude....you missed my point completely. Not everyone has time to browse all those sites to see what is on sale.

Steam has a wishlist that sends alerts when the games you want are on sale. It would be very easy for MS to set something like that up.

Checking those sites doesn't take much more time compared to checking email but ok...

I'm confused why you dont understand what Im saying.

Its doesnt matter how much time you perceive is needed to check a bunch of sites. Its a hassle, and most of the time I forget.

Do you have steam? You can put individual games in your wishlist and when they go on sale, you get an email about it. They make BANK because of that feature.

I would never miss a sale again. Its a super easy thing to do, and I dont get why its not an option already.

Telling people to just go online and check around for deals is terrible advice.