Why cant microsoft make a good headset?

the xbox one and the xbox 360 headsets they come with are always junk , why cant yall take the time and put a decent headset in the box? these cheap things you think are "Good" are really horrid , they work maybe a month . atleast make a mini wireless for the xbox one so people have something decent instead of this pos, thanks


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I have never had a Microsoft made headset die on me. They give them to you for free, so for something that costs nothing they are pretty decent. If you want a better headset you can buy one.

I've had a fair share of headsets die on me. They're not that good when it comes to lasting. When I first got my Xbox 360s. My mic died within a month and my controller was done within a half a year or so. I probably could have gotten them replaced for free, but I always thought the warranty was for just the console itself. Oh well, life goes on.

I just buy cheap $5 pairs of knockoff headsets. They seem to catch my voice better and work just as good. But expect them to break easily, but hey, I'd rather pay $5 for a cheap pair than $20 for a pair that wont last much longer.

I have had a xbpx 360 since launch day and i think i have had 2 headsets, And the first one only broke because the dog chewed it,

When the console /w Kinnect cost $599, then you can demand a $100 value headset.

I have to agree with hover, I've had 2x360 and both headsets still work, and one of those is 7 years old