Why cant I look at all of my halo achievements in full screen?

I have several halo achievements that I have completed but that haven't unlocked so I just want to go to them in the achievements app and see if they say "unlocking..." but unfortunately they aren't on the first page of the achievements list and I have to hit the "..." to see more. The problem is that when I hit this it immediately takes me to the snap/side bar achievements menu so I cant see all of the info that I need to for them. Even when I exited the game when I hit the "..." button it takes me back into the game so it can open the snap menu. Even when I take out the game it takes me to damned Netflix just to have something to snap the snap menu to... This is very frustrating. I tried scrolling down about 150 achievements or so and then hitting "go full screen" but that took me back to the beginning of the list in full screen so I was right back where I started and sure enough hitting the "..." again takes me to the snap menu... PLEASE HELP!


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