Why can't anybody else using my console play downloaded games?

A while back I downloaded Mass Effect, GTA4, Fable 2 and Avatar Quizcall which myself and others in my house could play fine.

I have just got another Xbox 360 and re-downloaded these games again and they work fine for me but other people in my house can't play them....does anybody know why they can't play them now??



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did you transfer the licences for all your downloaded stuff?

EDIT: See above; was too slow at typing!

I didn't do that, will they be able to play them once I do that then??

You need to transfer the licenses to your new xbox otherwise only the tag it was downloaded on can play them and then only when they are signed into xbox live.

Try calling SUPPORT for further details


cant paste links for some reason

Thanks for all you help

Here is the FAQ about it http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Support/LicenseMigration/FAQ


To do it on your console simply sign-in with the purchasing tag, go to My Xbox and select the Avatar Square. Here move to the Account Management pane and pick the option called Manage Account. Then simply click License Transfer and the job is almost done.


You may need to set the items to download again in order to refresh the licenses on the console. Since the items are on your hard drive they wont be downloaded again, you'll just get the new license.