Why can't you rent games on Xbox live?

Why hasn't Microsoft taken advantage of the rental system? How hard would it be for them to be able to let you download a full game to play for a week? I have brought a EA season pass and they let you download Fifa 1 week before its released in the shops, and on release day you are no longer able to play the downloaded version.. so It works in that sence. Would be nice if you could rent a game for 5-7 days from the dashboard (as not all games release demo's) for say around £3-5.. and if you decide you want to buy that game in the future you could get the rental fee discounted from the Game price. Microsoft could earn even more money here... just send some my way for the heads up :)

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One: If DRM was around with 24 hour checkins, then this would be feasible. But now, what's to stop me going offline and resetting the date every 3 days?

Two: You should not get a discount for a game rental. You should have to pay full price if the rental end BEFORE you buy it. If you buy it through rental menus, you should get a small discount, but be paying ~2$ more than those who have faith enough to buy it.

Three: Achievements should not be earnable through these rentals. I paid in full for this.

Four: Is a demo not good enough? If you like the game enough to rent but not buy, you are not the target audience, and you are more often than not damaging developers.

1, like I said EA season pass let you play the game online/offline and come release day the game you downloaded stops working. I don't know how they do it but its done.

2, why not get a discount if you have already rented, kinda try before you buy.. MS still get full price after rental and buying.

3, Like EA season pass, when I played Fifa before release all achievements I earnt in the early release were locked intill I put the retail disk in my xbox then everything was unlocked.

4, like I also said not every game has a demo released. some games you just don't know about so a rental comes in handy.

5, what is your problem jees

I've been asking for this ever since digital downloads started on the 360. I would love to be able to try out games I wouldn't necessarily purchase (no rental store in my town).


They could make it so you have to be online to play rented games, thus getting around the lack of 24 hour check in.

There's not enough profit for the developers or Microsoft through renting their games - they would lose money. If it was feasible, they would've already been doing it.

Why do they rent games elsewhere then (brick and mortar, Redbox, GameFly)?  Digital rentals would make quite a bit of money IMO. I would rent tons of games I wouldn't otherwise play. No money would be going to a middle man.

I'd always rent a game, like now for instance not many games out im a alittle short on cash and fancy playing Ryse.. I'd rent it just to see if I want it on my Xmas list.

Most games I'm done with after a week as are a lot of people sports games or multiplayer take longer.  Anyways if they allowed us to rent at a reduced rate no one would ever actually purchase the game thus they lose tons of money

then they wouldnt make $60 off Zoo tycoon on what should be a $30 game.  If I would of rented it I wouldnt of bought it...they cant have that kind of convenience at our fingertips...what is this the digital age or something?  

I want to buy digital games but they have no resell value so not worth it.

This idea is worth posting in the Feedback forum, but I have to ask what is wrong with GameFly and Redbox?

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