Why can't the xbox remember networks like any other wifi enabled device?

I have been wondering about this question for some time: Why can't the Xbox 360 system remember wireless networks and passwords like many other devices do? My main reason for wondering about this is my unique situation at this time. I currently have Frontier internet service in my home but, with all of the problems they have been having, my connection to xbox live has been absolutely horrible for gaming. I can watch netflix with little problem but forget even connecting to a game on Call of Duty (let alone playing through an entire match with a horrible connection). It is because of this that I recently upgraded my 4G data plan for my Droid. I can now broadcast a hot spot, connect my xbox and instantly have an excellent connection for online gaming.

This is where the question comes in. I use my phone's 4G connection to play games online but, because of the large amounts of data usage, I use my home network to watch netflix, HBO Go, FOX, etc. Also, my mother and father do not live together and I transport my xbox from house to house on a regular basis. It is a complete pain to have to go into the settings on my xbox just to enter a password and reconnect to each network everytime I switch networks or houses. I just wish it would switch automatically like my laptop or tablet. So my question remains; why can't the xbox remember my networks?

Let me know what you think. Should it be able to remember networks? Should Microsoft have this feature added as a system update?


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I dont think this is a problem with the Xbox , it could be the problem of the networks themselves. Changing IP address and networks could be what is forcing the Xbox for this information, because the networks are not 100 percent exactly the same. I could be wrong though.

I too have this problem and would greatly appreciate a solution.