Why can't I delete games with achievements unlocked from my profile?

I would LOVE it if we were able to delete games from our achievement list. I hate seeing 5gs on a game I don't own. Why can't we do this? I just bought Tekken 6 on demand... Boy was that a mistake. The achievements are freaking impossible. Now I'm stuck with 90gs forever...


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Because it is your Game History, not just a list of games you like?

You could just play the game & enjoy it & not worry about acheivements.

But then how would a petty and jealous type person know that they are better than you? I truly believe there would be mass suicide if some people couldn't find their value through comparing games with others.

Tekken 6 only gets a 6/10 for difficulty on xbox360achievements and should only take about 10 hours.

They sound far from impossible to me,you just need to try harder.

Well,    You earned an achievement at some point......Why delete it???  You can delete ZERO achievement games from your history but, once you reach a milestone in game, it's saved as being just that.... An achievement.  Why lose what you earned??????   GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Why is it such a big deal that you can't even login to the forum under your actual gamertag? Is it that shameful?

You shouldnt be playing for achievements (contradict myself here) play for fun, gameplay, and entertainment. Achievements are just a bit bonus.....er...bit!!