Why can't I burn my cds to my xbox?

I used to have a lot of songs burned on to my Xbox how come I can't do that anymore?


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Hello "Bambam070996"  :)

I would love to have this feature back on the Xbox One too, but it would have to happend at the same time that we get the ability to listen to your music anytime that you want to on the Xbox One.

At the moment, the only way to listen to your own music anytime is to have the music player snapped and taking up space on your game screen.  I want it to be like the Xbox 360 where you play your song and close the window, allowing you to do whatever you want in full screen  :)

Have a nice day or afternoon or night "Bambam070996"  :)

Its all to do with the almighty pound/dollar/euro.

Expect to see spotify or the like as an app soon which would be very good for me :)

It just isn't doable right now.  Perhaps in time this overlooked feature will be brought back.  I know I would like to rip CD's again.