why asking me screen size?

Ok, so I turned off Display Discovery, or whatever(just DD) and after it reset and started back up, i went back in to reset video settigns, resolution, color space, etc. but when i got there it gave me 2 new options. 1 was 3D TV, which I dont care about as my tv isnd 3D and not goign to get one for at least another 2ish years to let them get the tech up. but it also asks me the size of my TV. Why is it asking me? 


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Those are new options added along with native 3D support. They are normally detected by the Xbox 360 as it reads the E-EDID data from the display, meaning it doesn't need to show them when Display Discovery is active.

3D TV allows you to force the Xbox 360 to treat your TV as a 3D TV, which is needed for some games that support 3D. This option should not be enabled on a non-3D TV as it may cause the picture to disappear in some games that support 3D.

TV Size is probably related to the 3D support as well, helping games in picking the basic settings for convergence and parallax, as those settings must take screen size and viewing distance in order for best effect. I don't know if any non-3D games make use of the screen size parameter.