Why areb't modded/rapid fire controllers a bannable offense?

Its modifying the system (it alters the controller to make players use the buttons at a ridiculous rate), its cheating (it gives the user an advantage over the players who are legit). Yu guys should be able to put a stop to this, all the technology in this world I know its possible to make the xbox console not recognize modded controllers. Shouldnt your GAME company be all about fair play?


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Modifying controllers and modifying consoles are two COMPLETELY different things. The controller is modified seperately from the console. It is more difficult to edtect a modified controller than a console. However, it is possible. I'm sure that Microsoft doesn't have software to do it, but if it is used in-game and someone files a complaint or an Xbox Staff Member see's it, they will ban them for a decided amount of time.

No one hates a dirty modder more than a legit player.  So I feel your pain,  but I'm sure that you can understand that with countless hours of developing. In keeping servers running, private chat, party chat, name changes, messages, updates and everything else it takes to provide us this experience we look forward to every day it takes time.  As ThePurplMonster stated  "It is more difficult to detect a modified controller than a console. However, it is possible." The blunt end of this is laid on the game developers/players.  The developers make it to where weapons in games such as MW3 have a specific fire rate. If this rate is increased the game will recognize it and the player can be subjected to banishment from that developers server.  Now some companies make a living off of exploits.  They will tweak it just a little under the radar and install programmable settings for specific games.  So like everything else in the world as soon as a solution is found and put in place and new exploit is found to go around it.  So that's where the player comes into the picture.  If you see someone using a modded controller use the report feature.  The problem is many people complain but very few actually report.  If more people acted than venting we wouldn't be having problems.  So report them and maybe we can bring respectful gaming back one ban at a time.  Thanks for your post.  

I wonder what peoples thoughts are on turtle beach headsets picking up on sounds around the player e.g. footsteps (gives them the advantage)? Back on topic anyhow, all you can do is use the report feature and let Microsoft deal with it accordingly. Also making modded controllers undetectable in an xbox 360 has its + and -. For example, you have Arcade Sticks and Madcatz controllers which would become unusable. Also online gaming isn't really fair nowadays which is a real shame. I have just stuck to co op games lately since it is a much more enjoyable experience.

If you believe someone is modding or cheating TURN IT IN on the CONSOLE. That is how the correct dept gets the info so that they can start looking into players. If you want to know what this dept is, read forums.xbox.com/.../41.aspx and forums.xbox.com/.../2366.aspx there is a dept that looks to keep people from cheating and violating the COC/TOU, but it also takes us stepping up and doing more than blowing steam at each other about it all.

It's my understanding that Microsoft allows (and profits from the licensing) 3rd party manufacturers to produce controllers with rapid-fire buttons.  They could easily lock out them out in multiplayer but they don't.  In fact, after the last system update some of these controllers were rendered unusable.  People complained, so a patch was issued to restore the controllers.