Why Are CALL OF DUTY Games So Loved When It Comes To BC Request?

So I usually see lots of people claiming to hate COD yet today after checking the BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY REQUEST PAGE, I can't help but notice that the top 12 requested games have 6 COD titles. That's insane. IMO





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Goes to show that a small sample size (forums here, and gaming site comments) don't represent everyone who games. IMO there should be two COD in the top ten: original modern warfare and world at war.

No surprise....COD is one of the best selling franchise and even some "haters" are the firsts to pre-order it, every year.

Because everyone that hates it secretly loves it and can't get enough of it.

6 different titles though? :|

Young teens, people that like shooters and people that play it religiously on the Xbox 360 probably out weigh people that hate Cod or simply don't have an interest in it.

It's interesting that two games that are notorious for modding and cheats in the multiplayer modes are coming in first and second on the list. Maybe put that into the equation?

I'm guilty of wanting the old CoDs on the BC list. CoD used to be the only thing I played besides a bit of halo and Bioshock when I fist got my 360. Personally I thinks CoD4 deserves a remaster but I'd settle for BC if the modded lobbies were eradicated. I miss the simplicity of run and gun that the old CoDs have.  

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WaW MP was very enjoyable.

Yeah, keyword = was. Now, it's a cheat-ridden mess...

Perhaps it's because the CODs of now have so much stuff going on for it that people want the game of old to come back, disregarding BO2's presence - I suppose many people loathed AW?

I voted for MW2 and BO1, the only two multiplayer experiences I truly enjoyed. Would I play them if Activision gave the ok? Perhaps.

Cuz there's a lot of young peps on Xbox Live. With my friends, me and most of them mainly play Minecraft and COD Black Ops 2. Halo is still kwl, I like Halo 4 and Halo Reach, but I play Halo 4 like once or twice a month and Halo Reach like once every 3 months or so.

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Some Game Developers make games for everyone no matter your skill or age, and then they style their multiplayer experience around that, and when you do well or make friends, it makes you feel good, or if you're just having a bad day and you want to blow some stuff up and you succeed, it's better than throwing a tennis ball through the window.

I can see why COD BO2 got the most ^u^. I love COD BO2 zombies, I have the MOST kills in it out of all of my 100 friends on Xbox 360.

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