Why Are Achievements Not Unlocking?

I Recently played 100 Online Ranked Games on FIFA 11, and this should get you an achievement worth 100G. Yet, for some reason, i didn't get it. I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem not getting achievements when they are supposed to, and if they have any suggestions on fixing the Problem. Thanks.


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Play some more, if i remeber correctly, any games where the opponent quit dont count.

Exactly what Piztup said. I know NO-ONE who got it at exactly 100 games. Many people have easily gone upto 150 and still nothing.

i had to wait 250 games beofre i got it. i hate the quitters on fifa. theyre annoying, thank god this year there are none like it.

like other say if the oppenant quits then it dnt count, i got it at 176 games

Thanks everyone! You all been a huge help, especialy Piztup!