Why all the hate?

I was just wandering why so many Playstation fans want the XB1 to fail and vice versa? I will be getting an XB1 because it matches my personal preferences but I still think the PS4 is a great machine. Don't some people realize that two great systems are better for the market and gives them greater purchasing power? Heck, I even hope the Wii U makes a comeback or another system emerges. I am not pretending to be an expert as I have only taken micro and macroeconomics in college but the idea of a single system market scares me if one should fail. I like the idea of two companies battling it out for my money. I feel it makes the whole industry stronger and drives the innovation we are seeing today. Hopefully both systems are great and break sales records. In summary, I hope both systems do great because us, the consumers, will benefit greatly if they do. Hopefully this can be some sort of olive branch between some of the xbox and ps fans on here.


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People always hate what they are afraid of ;-)

In the magical world I live in one day they will all join together and create the greatest machine the world has ever seen. And ever house would have one and they could all retire to a wonderful floating island in the sun & those strange little creatures that I'm told exist labeled Fanboys will just become Fans.  

Conversely, why do so many Xbox fans want the PS4 to fail?

Everybody and nobody is to blame.

Brand loyalty is a toxic thing. 

I would like to see the PS4 be successful in the long run, but I'm too annoyed by all the haters to route for it right away.

people love reassurance that they made the correct decision. if the other console fails, in their mind they made the correct choice.


obviously this logic has serious fallacies. it assumes what you enjoy falls in line with the average consumer. but there is no such thing as an average consumer. we are all individuals and there will be aspects of x1, ps4, and wiiu that everyone would enjoy. no one will hate any of the consoles from top to bottom, likewise no one will love any of them from top to bottom either.

I'm happy with my choice because I don't like the Dual Shock 4 analogue stick layout.

I also love Killer Instinct.

the thing is, i think everyone will be happy with their choice regardless if they put effort in to hating the other choice. ps4, x1, and even wiiu are going to be great machines.

Because today's world is all about hate, sad but true.

There are people that will hate for absolutely no reason too. Remember racism? Its still around but the entire "hate" generated by a persons skin color is completely unfounded yet it fueled one of the biggest wars in America to date. The world is full of people with different views. The people that "Hate" on something else so hard just shows that they are immature and too short-sighted to be open to anything other than what they know.

The OP is pretty much spot-on. I want both systems to do good. I think they both will.


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