Whos pumped !!!

i had an xbox 360 but switched to ps3. Im coming back to xbox this next gen. Add my Gamertag: Jdot Frost

What games are you getting at launch?
I know i am getting Ryse and inam debating between cod or bf.. 

& just a heads up 

Gamestop is doing an extra 90% when you trade in a hardware and put it towards your next gen console. I got $142 for my ps3 and i traded in diablo3, gta5, and a ps3 controller i got $88 for that. Im only paying $300 cash for my xbox one. I have a $200 gift card for bestbuy so i'll be buying 3 games and a controller :] !


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more news I see about the games & system, more excited I get. Best decision I made was deciding to pre-order the Xbox One one June 11 (day 1 of pre-orders).

Whatever game they decide to give me with my Xone is what I'm getting for now. That and I'm upgrading my BF4 for 360 to the Xone version (through gamestop). I got quite a few games for the 360 that I still need to finish because I wasn't expecting to be able to get the Xone for a while so I'll probably finish those first before I start making more major investments in new games for the Xone. Ryse does look really good though so I probably will end up getting that. Just not right at launch.


I'd go with BF IMO. the game is amazing even without the 64 player online battles. They finally seem to have found their balance between dynamic maps and everything. 

Whaaaaat IMO Bf4 needs under the hood time miserably.

I cannot wait i am stoked!!! my brothers are getting the PS4 but i am trying to help them see the light. Titan Fall alone made my choice rather easy. I cant decide between BF and COD but i am leaning more towards call for the fast paced action.. Gears Of War i hope will make it to next gen :]

In fairness of BF the new close quarter death match is pretty decent if your a Bf fan it's still worth it but I foresee BF3 to stay afloat for quite a bit longer

i am supper pumped! I cannot wait to get my new next gen buddy!!

Scooby Doo

Battlefield 4 is broken right now.  There are numerous people complaining about it crashing.  As of right now my launch lineup includes:  Forza 5 Limited Edition, COD: Ghost, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Killer Instinct of course.  I have a Day One Edition of Xbox Live pre ordered but will also pay the $20 to unlock the other characters.

<-------THIS GUY!  Although, I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting just yet, I know Killer Instinct Ultra Edition will be my 1st game and DL, hopefully followed shortly after (and not too long of a wait) by Halo: Spartan Assault in December.  Just recently saw some hella sick gameplay of Dead Rising 3; I think the whole zombie apocalypse thing is kinda right up my alley here and there.... possibly.  However, 3rd person isn't necessarily my genre, I tend to have a litle trouble adapting it itand so I'm not entirely sure whether or not I'll be kicking myself for not reserving it considering I haven't played any Dead Rising prior to, but I kinda want to wait for a GameTrailers video review so I can see what all modes it has to offer and see whether or not it's really what I want out of it.

PUMPED! DR3 is going to be epic.

This guy! 💪

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