Who would take the X1 now or wait 2 weeks for MS to iron out more bugs

So with recent stories showing X1 have been spotted in the wild, who would take one now accepting if you waited to release date MS would have had more time to iron out any problems


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I'm not sure the question.......who would take a XB1 now if it had problems instead of waiting until launch to get an XB1 without problems???


Lol....I guess I'd choose the latter.

Who says they have any problems right now to iron out?

And if they do who says they won't have any still at launch date?

They didn't set the release date all those months ago because of a load of problems they had at the time.

God there's always going to be some issue to iron out. It's going to be around a while. I'd take it now if it meant I could have a play with it.

I'm holding off until they reveal OTA support details.  I'd hate to buy the X1 now and find out there's a future version coming that will support OTA out of the box (a.k.a tuner inside).  I have no problem paying more money for it and with more and more people going OTA and cutting cable/satellite, they really need to reveal their plan.

The Xboxes are in the boxes! If there are hardware problems, they are going to be there at launch for everyone. Maybe in less than two weeks they can fix/update some software related features or issues with a launch update. So I will take mine now, who do I talk to?

The twitter guy was pretty happy right up until he got banned. Since I don't plan on getting banned, I think it'll be ok.

whats OTA?

He is talking about Over The Air antennas.