Who will host E3 2014 for Microsoft

Got to thinking who will host this years E3 press conference ?

Last year was Phil Spencer, Phil Harrison, Don Matrick left, Marc Whitton left.

so E3 2014 should play out like this of course the two phil's will play their parts.

But I for one will watch even though I not got a XBOne, can't wait to see Stephen Elop talk passionately about X Box, going to make for a very interesting E3!


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If memory serves, Phil Spencer has said recently that Microsoft's press conferences will focus much more on developers talking about their games (I'm sorry, I don't remember exactly where I heard that).  My guess is that Spencer will take a Ringmaster approach and introduce general topics but let the specifics be handled by those who know best. If MS has lots of games to show off, it won't be difficult if they show a trailer and then live gameplay with developers talking about the game.

When is E3 this year?

could say the same about sony WILD now tretton has gone

Look forward to this.seems some sony fans not happy on there forums about being ignored over issues.even so seen them comment on how Microsoft seem to be listen to there fans :)