Who is in favour of Microsoft hiring big names such as the masters Itagaki, Suzuki and Sakaguchy?

Who is in favour of Microsoft hiring big names such as the masters Itagaki, Suzuki and Sakaguchy?
I think it would be very good for Microsoft to hire these great geniuses of the game industry to lead internal Studios at Microsoft. Microsoft could make a great offer for them so that they change from Japan and came to live in America and Microsoft put them with directors and creative leaders of 3 new video game production studios to be founded, having these studios bigs excellent programmers, a lot of money and as a goal to make games of AAA quality, catchy, that will appeal to most international markets and with a production time that does not pass of 2 two years.
What do you guys think of this?

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I think those names go over my head. We have a truckload of AAA titles on the way, so I'm okay for the moment.

The only name that rings bells to me is Suzuki, but I doubt the guy you mean has anything to do with motorcycles....

That said, are these people even unemployed? What makes you think they would want to come to MS instead of doing whatever they do now?

If Microsoft does not make an offer they will never be possible to know if they accept or don't accept.

They can keep Itagaki. I wouldn't mind MS getting some big name Japanese developers to make games for them. Then again Sakaguchi was involved with Lost Odyssey and that didn't sell well so it may be a pointless venture at the end of the day.

Maybe they just don't want to....

Cliffy B ? Jason Rubin? Yu Suzuki ?....

Maybe they are more happy like that.....

Love the idea but I just don't think they could work under anyone especially after breaking away from their previous employers.  I think a partnership would be cool though. Hopefully MS courts them like they did with Platnum studios.

Wow two years for a response!  Nice necroing!

Man the state of these forums is really sad. These guys will be a huge welcome. Itagaki had a bad run but I'm sure with proper funding he could do something,  Recore was small but I'll bet Recore 2 will be big in every way. Sakaguchi did some amazing Xbox 360 rpgs would like to see him do more. I especially enjoyed Blue Dragon.


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