Who is going to wait to buy games?

With GwG and Gold discounts coming to X1 very soon, who is actually going to jump on buying new releases like Super Time Force and Child of Light? The big names like Watchdogs... yes, but I know I will be waiting for at least a discount on the arcade releases......  


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Same here. I've already decided to wait on STF. :)

Definitely, when it comes to download only games... Unless it's something must-have like a new Battletoads or Perfect Dark.

Yeah definitely wait on the arcade purchases and I actually had already starting doing that. AC liberation is the most recent example, I wanted to play it so bad, but held out until the sale a few weeks back and it was so worth it as I got it free with my rewards points which I didn't have at the time it released.

If they launch it like PS+ there will be no need to wait. On PS the plus discounts apply to new releases most new games have a plus discount for the first week.

Even some AAA games like Wolfenstein is going to be 6 bucks off for plus members on day one.

^That's $6. I wouldn't wait over a $6 saving on a $60 purchase.....

I'm talking about when arcade games go 50% off within the first 6 months of it being released. The first season of the walking dead is a really good example. It finally came out in Australian, then all episodes were on sale 3 months later around Christmas time. Those are the sales I'll be waiting for.

+1 DA,meh,whats 6 bucks these days ..

I'll be waiting for the 40-50 % off deals too

Thats 6$ more you will have to pay though if your buying the game without the plus discount. Thats only one example no your not going to save 50% but it gives you a reason to buy it during the first week if your interested.

Otherwise you have to gamble when or if it will go on sale. Not all games go on sale some games never go on sale.

@Feed the Machine Whats 6 bucks I will tell you what it is is 10% that you will not save on X1.

Oh its obvious the less than AAA titles are no longer worth buying. And even some AAA titles will make their way to the free way to early pile.

Mostly people with baby gamer score or small game library's are excited for this. Still besides trying to argue how amazing GwG is, no one can tell me what incentive people who actually buy their games have to stay gold now... Online multiplayer???  

So the less fortunate get, free games, free apps, free free free. And my incentive is well i already bought that. Well i dont really care if apps are free or not. I subscribe because i "Was" loyal. So i can play games with people. Woohoo

As for retail games, such as Watch Dogs... I'll go and buy it on release day. But I will for sure see what GwG offers, I hope the first game they offer is Trials Fusion either for free or discounted. Don't get me wrong $20 is a great price, but I will wait and see.

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