who is clever enough to tell me..................

Why can my wee lad sign into his EA servers on his XBOX, but I cant on mine!?!?.

I bought FIFA12 Yesterday, I couldnt sign into the servers at all, (still the same now) so I put the game in my lad's XBOX and he connected fine!!! I decided to put FIFA 11 in my box and that works fine!?!?! So I can sign into the servers on FIFA 11 but not FIFA12 and my lad can sign into both no problem?!?!?! any one pleaseeeeeeee help?


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Not sure myself mate but I have seen others reporting the same sort of issues, it could be just issues with the servers! I'm sure other FIFA players will be able to help you out.

Teething issues on Release day for Fifa12 I would suspect...you could always try clearing the cache on your console and try and connect again and  let the game reconnect with the servers

Get the latest Pro Evo game...it will be similar to FIFA '98 but should be able to play a game if you can work out the team names etc!

Have you tried going on to the EA games forums and seeing if anyone else is reporting the same issue.