Who has pre ordered Halo for Xbox One?

Question: Who has pre ordered Halo for Xbox One? I already pre ordered mine today.


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Nah. Don't see the need since I'm going all digital.

I will be when it becomes avaliable from my local game,want the spec collectors edition if there is one.its going to be interesting comparing xb1s halo and destiny if they are released side by side,either way both are gonna be cool.

I didn't, I'll be waiting to see if a collector's edition worth my while is released. If not, I'll go digital for it.

I'll wait until they can officially announce release date first.

After what 343's attempt at Halo with Halo 4? I don't think so.

I find Halo 4 really fun, graphics especially in the environment are good. Read somewhere that Halo 4 is 720p native. I won't pre-order blind though without some more info about the game and when they've released an official release date.

I generally don't preorder games beyond console launch. I've only preordered Destiny for the Beta and Titanfall because it's Titanfall...