who else has this problem with fifa ?

on head to head, they get a lead, then your level. they either time waste or try to lag the game out ...

then you score (and are winning)

it says on there profile they have scored

on the game your winning, on there profile it says there winning ? bit weird init ??!?!

is fifa full of haxors !??!


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Fifa 12 should issue a 2 hour server ban. It's riddled with w**kers. People who play fair can't get a decent game of football at all.


I didn't get Fifa 11, but I'll probs pick up Fifa 12 - The collision thing looks great.


So, as I was saying... If people want to quit and be tw*t's, they shouldn't be allowed to search for another game for 2 hours or so. That way, even if the honest/fair players lose connection via electricity outage / connection randomly cutting off - Then I'm sure they can find something else to do with their time, and not really care about the suspension. But as these quitters think they're awesome, and want to do anything they can to win, well, this might teach them to play fair. If they're willing to wait 2 hours after every 'rage quit' then let them.


I've been stuffed 8-0 before, from people using the 'cheap tactics' and never thought about quitting, and I've played Fifa RTWC - Fifa 10 and not quit once!

Yea had that a few times; very strange indeed...

[quote user="o Carano o"]People who play fair can't get a decent game of football at all.[/quote]


If you have Fifa 10 i'll give you a game or two, or if you are planning on getting Fifa 12, add me :)

Its just how fifa is, laggy....glitchy and full of idiots that don't want to play football how it should be played and just want to win/quit.

I've never had this problem with Fifa 10, i could never get used to 11 online.....

^ i kno keeps happening to me ! its well annoying !

thats internet gaming in general.

I had a game where i won 2 - 1 then at the end of the game it said he won 2 - 1.