Who else does this happen to alot?

How many times have you played in lobbies that people are using lag switches and you know they are because of your game play, you will be moving around or shooting and next thing you know your character is going all over the place and you have no control then the enemy kills you? That's cheat and I think enforcement should get tighter about this and stick more security like watchdogs, I like to call it, trained technicians working round the clock to prevent players cheating like that. Lag switching is happened too often and mostly right now in black ops 2. Who else here has seen alot of lag switching and wish it was under heavier enforcement? If you aren't a lag switcher, then most likely you are tired of it too. I'm just curious how many are experiencing this alot more often than before.


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I haven't played BO2 for a litle while. It was getting "too laggy" for me. How can you play when this constantly happens? (not sure if it's "lag switch" or connection issues, though).

 It seems the last few COD games have been riddled with lag. You would think someone could figure it out. Until then, I won't play. I get too wound up in these games. Lag just kills it for me, so I just don't play. I run n' gun and am very competitive, but if their isn't a "level" playingfield, I just don't see the point.

happened to me yesterday and when you quit it counts as a lost cheating bastards

Yeah I agree it should be enforced better. The problem is that its hard to tell lag from lagswitching on the enforcement teams side. I quit COD because of this. I wish people would put half as much effort into just playing as they put into cheating.

another example of paying to play yet them not enforcing there own rules...your the customer and there not forfilling there side off things

I wish they would tighten up on live enforcement. They aren't doing it with the tools they have and that's why I said if they had to increase the rates slightly to hire tougher security like watchdogs, which would be people who are experts at technical things to determine the causes and bust those gamers cheating, then yeah, I would pay slightly more for membership to help them tackle those issues and bring a better gameplay experience. It's not that hard to tell it's a lag switch because you hear some bragging and you just know because then end up killing your guy and theirs is walking just fine, while you're all zig-zaggy and can't keep your player still. That is very irritating in the middle of matches and it's time they get stricter about that. Cheaters are cheaters and if they can't play fair they outta not play, because it spoils the gaming for fair players who know what a real win is, and they aren't real winners if they use those lag switches. Kansas Farm Boy, cheaters aren't enough to keep me out of a game, when you ask how I can keep playing it. I like the fun of the game. Hate the cheaters. I'm not gonna let cheaters stop me from enjoying a game I like. That is why I suggest tougher live enforcement however they must. Lag switching is happening too often and those players need to be caught more, even if it means a watchdog on the servers, that knows when the person is cheating, or should I say caught with their hands in the cookie jar,lol. They need to do something to crack down on cheaters and I posted this to see just how many are  being affected by this as much as I am noticing.