Who all, here, has been with MS and the Xbox since the beginning?

I just thought it would be fun if we all said if we've been around for a while.

Lots of ppl like to throw around the word "troll" and "fanboy"...but then again...none of them know if said person has had any experience with the product.

I for one bought the original Xbox and had the 360 as my first console that generation.  I've loved the xbox for a long while.  It was only the last couple of years of the 360's cycle that I lost faith in the xbox brand when I noticed that the quality first party titles were dwindling.  The ones that were coming were more Halo, more Gears and more Fable.

1 of those is a complete waste now....2 of those  are shooters....and 1 of those shooters isn't what it used to be.

So, I jumped ship.  But I loved the days when I loved MS b/c they gave me a cnosole with all the fixin's already in the box.  With the PS2 you had to buy a HDD and a adapter for online play.  The Xbox had this already and then to boot....started working on the awesome online feature LIVE.

So, I've been around.  How about you?


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^^^^flame thread.... but just for the fun of it iv been round since the first xbox but had 2 dif accounts this account i use now have almost 8 years on

I started from the bottom and somehow I ended up here.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I've been around since the original and still happy with Microsoft and their offerings.

Peace, J.R.

Somebody trying hard to save their face around here.  So you were xbox fanboy from the beginning through to the end of 360 then you went Sony. Then the xbox one came out and you turned sdf and now troll the xbox.com FORUMS to defend Sony. Interesting, that explains a lot.

I have been with xbox from the beginning and will be until the end. Call me a fanboy, call me whatever you want, it doesn't bother me none.

I could care less about how my face looks around here....why would you think you're the only one who doesn't care.....even when you're always getting offended Endless.

Either way...thats the only reply I'll make to such a response.  This thread was for the uninformed and for some chit chat and I don't want to be the cause of it getting deleted or locked.

So, I'll refrain.

Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Original Xbox (early LIVE adoptor), Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Original Xbox Forum user.

Although I've gamed on most of the other platforms since Commodore64.

Yeah, I guess I've been around for a while. I bought the Xbox from the start and absolutely enjoyed it. Then moved on to the 360 which I also thorougly enjoy. Finally I picked up the One a couple months back, and in true fashion, I'm having a great time with it too.

Original Xbox bought LIVE at release.

Since the end of 2001 after being indroduced to Halo:CE and after having 3 PS2's die on me within 6 months, I was a Live beta tester, then life got in the way and I was late into the 360 generation and couldn't reset my account because I didn't have my credit card I signed up with.

Bottom line, Xbox has the games I want to play, I plan on getting a PS4 because I do miss JRPG's.

I had the original Xbox. Then a 360. Now an X1. I remember back when the 360 launched and it didn't have a fraction of the features it does now. I remember people crying about how there wasn't a vast library of games 3 months after launch. I remember when the specs were revealed that the PS3 was slightly more powerful than the 360, and no one gave a crap and just enjoyed their games. Yeah, I've been around for a while.

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